Quiet Mind, Full Heart, Huge Smile

(Originally published November 6, 2013)


Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. I just spent a wonderful evening with a really fun woman named Jennifer. We had not ONE moment of awkwardness. We were so overflowing with things to talk about that I don’t think either of us finished one train of thought before shooting off on three others.

And in the land of “It’s a Small World,” I discovered about an hour into the conversation that she knows one of my favorite people in all the world: Katie!

In another small-world moment, she asked if I’d ever done acupuncture and if I’d been to Pin and Tonic, a community acupuncture center in Denver. I said, “I can’t even believe you just mentioned that place! A) Katie goes there! (and yes, I speak in a and b bullet points) and, B) It’s on my list of things to do this week to call them to set up an appointment!”

I love how things we need to hear will be told to us repeatedly from so many different directions. Those who pay attention will notice this all the time — “Whoa, that’s the third mention of Alaska in one day–perhaps I need to start planning a trip to Alaska” (shout out to you, Di!). Life becomes way more fun when we start paying attention. It’s kinda’ like the movie Slum Dog Millionaire–we’re always being provided the answer we need before the question is even asked.

But that’s a little deep for me right now. It was bedtime about an hour ago…and I just want to enjoy this buzz…



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