What Things Must YOU Do Before You Leave for Travel?

(Originally posted September 25, 2013)


When preparing for any travel, the first thing I always do is clean my apartment. Gotta’ vacuum, sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors, do the dishes, dust…

Last night I went the extra step of not just cleaning my bedroom, but rearranging the furniture in the bedroom. Really? I haven’t started doing laundry, haven’t started packing, haven’t even scrubbed the kitchen floor yet, but first I will rearrange the bedroom?!

Here’s why it was so important to start and finish this task: My bed had been facing the wrong way for two months and my sleep had been horrible all that time! I’ve had nights in which I’ve thrown my pillows to the foot of the bed and slept UPSIDE DOWN so that I could fall asleep! In the short term, that was easier than playing the game of Tetris that’s required to rotate my queen bed within a small bedroom lined with other furniture.

Last night I got it all rearranged, though, and managed to do most of the other cleaning—and all with incredible ease. It’s like piling more doing onto the already big mountain of doing somehow allows any extra effort to be absorbed into the whole. Then the travel happens, which is always amazing and fuels its own fire, and then I’m home again to the benefit of all that previous doing: a clean apartment, a sense of accomplishment, and a clean slate to begin writing the next adventures!

I guess travel gives me the deadline I need—the line in the sand—to get done what I’ve put off doing.

What must YOU do before you’ll allow yourself to leave for travel? It’s fun to bring to your conscious awareness what might otherwise be habitual and completely unconscious…

And now I’m going to crawl into my rightly-oriented bed and have amazing dreams about the hella’ cute girl I’ve been hanging out with lately.


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