Kirlian Photography Proves I’m Doing SOMETHING Right!

(Originally published September 19, 2013)


I had the immense honor and pleasure this morning of participating in a study to determine whether listening to particular music would shift my physical and energetic body via the measurement of Kirlian photography. What an amazing way to start the day!

Not actually my photo--but cool!

Not actually my photo–but cool!

The good news: The pictures say that I have great energy. The kind man running the machine seemed genuinely impressed with my results and was earnest in saying, “No, really. These are great scans. What do you do?”

In other words, “What’s your secret?” (Although I absolutely KNOW that his scans would be pretty phenomenal, too).

His question made me step back and think, “Huh. What am I doing to show such healthy scans?” I don’t know anything for sure, but here are things that must help:

1) I’ve got two amazing trips planned that I’m looking forward to (I recently read this can do wonders to increase someone’s happiness quotient).

2) I’ve been moving my body a lot lately–and I do it mostly outside in nature and always with my dogs. That’s the biggest love sandwich I can think of! Trees, grass, mud, a beautiful lake (with a mountain backdrop from the east side of the lake and a city skyline backdrop from the west side of the lake), being in tune to the rhythm of the seasons, laughing at my adorable and joyful dogs, watching ducks and geese and all manner of birds, meeting other dogs and dog people along the way, and listening to empowering audio or uplifting music while I walk. This is a great way to start the day.

3) I love my job. I work with people I enjoy, I feel like I’m a huge contribution every day to the workings of the business, I’m never bored and always learning new things…and did I mention that I work with amazing people?

4) By following Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, I’m almost out of debt for the first time in my life and I finally feel like I have a clue what to do with money now.

5) I have four of the most loving animals a girl could ask for! I might not be partnered right now, but I don’t lack love! My love for my animals grows EVERY single day–when I don’t think it can get bigger, it does. EVERY DAY!

6) I am grateful. I am truly grateful.



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