Funny Story About a SMART Mom

(Originally published September 17, 2013)


I work at an Orthodox Jewish school and I heard the cutest story the other day.

My Jewish coworker was at the neighborhood grocery store (which has an extensive selection of kosher food because of the Jewish population in the area) and she overheard a Mexican woman saying numerous times to her kids, “No, it’s not kosher!”

Curious, my coworker approached the woman and asked if she was Jewish. The woman looked at her and was kinda’ confused by the question until she realized why my coworker might be asking. Then she laughed and said, “No, I’m not Jewish but I noticed since shopping here that when Jewish kids beg their moms for something they can’t have, the moms say, “No, it’s not kosher.” I noticed how often this phrase stopped the Jewish kids from continuing to ask, so I started using the same line on my kids and it works every time!”

How awesome is that?! That’s one smart mom!


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