Happy V-Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day. Did you see the movie? It was actually kinda’ cute. I think it would be a fun tradition to have an “I hate Valentine’s Day party” every year. But then, I like any excuse for a party. Superbowl? Sure, let’s party! Oscars? Sure, let’s party! Doesn’t mean I care about football or who the Academy finds worthy; doesn’t mean I hate Valentine’s Day. I remember as a kid the excruciating anticipation of wondering if I’d get a Valentine from whichever kid I had a crush on at the time. Actually, I was more preoccupied about whether the message would be personalized for me or just a simple name signed on the back. It was amazing how much meaning, even then, I could read into just a few short words…and how much meaning I could infuse into the cards I gave. And best of all: I loved transforming shoe boxes into little sacred temples of Valentine receivingness!

Now it’s a text from a friend, a FaceBook broadcast, maybe even an actual card. The package from my mom got lost in the mail this year–no candy for me. I’ll get myself a latte to compensate.

Some call today “Single People Awareness Day.” I think it’s also just as much “Coupled People Awareness Day.” I admire all those folks out there in relationship land, trudging through the ups and downs of being with another person. And until I can speak of relationships without using the word “trudging,” I think it best to stay out of one! For now it’s remarkably easy and comfortable to be single. It’s easy to hide out in my cute little apartment and think very abstractly about the possibility of dating.

I was out at a lesbian gathering last Friday night and my friends asked, “Okay, so now what? You’re here among gorgeous women–what’s the next move?” Laughing at them was my next move. I ain’t got no moves. I’m that girl who simply hopes to be in the right place at the right time to meet just that perfectly charming and funny person who finds me also charming and funny. I don’t know if it happens like that anymore, what with all the online dating and such, but I’m hoping for the “fall into my lap” kinda’ love (literally and/or metaphorically).

So until someone falls into my lap or I change my tactic from defense to offense, I’ll focus my thoughts on gratitude for my friends. I’m positively surrounded by amazing people and I’m grateful for every one. Happy Valentine’s Day, friend (’cause if you’re reading this, you’re a friend!). Thank you for the contribution you are to my life. XOXO.


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