Creation of New Body, Commence!

The cool thing about transformation is that it can happen as quickly as we choose. In the spirit of quick, I’ve set the target of losing 40 pounds by the end of 2011. That’s a total of 11 weeks, which means I only need to release 3.64 pounds each week (and yes, this can be done in a healthy way).

The funniest part? I don’t actually own a scale. But I know that I generally have been hovering at about the 190-pound mark for the past year or so (I’m 5’6″). I’ll be measuring my progress with pictures every couple weeks and weekly measurements of biceps, waist, hips, and thighs. And just for sh*ts and giggles, I might even weigh myself on someone’s scale every once in a while.

“What?” you say, “You’re attempting to lose 40 pounds but aren’t even measuring your progress in pounds?” Yep, that’s what I’m saying. ‘Cause honestly, scales tell such a sad little story of nothing…and it sounds so dramatic to say I’m targeting a 40-lb weight loss (way more fun than, “I’m targeting x-number of inches” or “I’m targeting x-percentage of change”). And it’s fun to make it all just a little bit silly because really it all is.

It’s silly how much of life I’ve been avoiding by virtue of what I made it mean to be “fat.” An obvious example is that I’ve been avoiding sexual advances from anyone by burying my body in giant clothes that make me look homeless. I joke that I should start my own clothing line called “HomelessGrrl” and it’s only funny because it’s kinda’ true. As part of this body transformation journey, I will have a little bonfire celebration in which I burn some of the clothing staples that I am sick of wearing and that my friends are sick of seeing me wear. There will be lots of cheering and merriment. First to burn: a horrible-fitting pair of jeans and a green Oxford Crew sweatshirt that my ex graciously gifted to me when we split up (I had appropriated it years earlier). Prior to the burning I will slowly be creating a new wardrobe for myself, under the advisement of my particularly stylish and hot friends Joey and ‘Jina. I will also investigate this phenomenon called “makeup” and I will start actually wearing the jewelry I’ve been collecting over the years (I’ve always purchased jewelry with this future stylish self in mind).

So while the measurable thing (of sorts) is the weight loss, this transformation really goes way beyond that. Please stay tuned for more. Perhaps this teaser will help: in the first week I lost a total of 5.5 inches. I lost 1.5″ from my waist, 1.25″ from my hips, none from my arms, 1.25″ from left thigh, and 1.5″ from right thigh. How does it get better than that?! What else is possible?!


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