Watch out, world! I got me a video camera!!

I have so much fun stuff up my sleeve I can barely handle it! I went for a walk with my friend Jules the other day and we were laughing the entire time thinking of the stupid sh*t we could do with a video camera.

Jules attempted to record me doing a guided movement (see second blog post) but my phone cut off after only one minute. The funniest part is that Jules had never seen me do guided movement, so when I started moving, a) she thought I was about to fall over, b) she almost lowered the phone and yelled out to me, and c) the phone beeped to indicate the end of recording. It was a momentary flurry of hilarity and helped me realize it would be a good idea to prepare the camera person for what’s about to happen (and that I require a better video camera than the one on my phone).

And then I thought, “What if instead of simply taking one video of me doing guided movement, I took video every day for a month and then strung it all together and played it in fast forward?” That sounds fun to me and will keep me motivated to do guided movement every day. I think it’ll be fun to see how my body changes over the month, how my energy flow changes, how my clothes change, how the weather changes around me, etc. And if it’s as fun as I think it might be, perhaps I’ll continue recording for the duration of this one-year challenge. What else is possible?

Another idea is to make a video series to be featured both on this blog and on YouTube. I don’t want to give anything away, but I can safely say that it will likely lead to my mother disowning me. Love you, Mom!



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