Ass-Kicking of the Ages

I went to the Metaphysical Fair in Denver yesterday for two reasons: 1) to have a session with an animal communicator to talk to my dogs, and 2) to get a session from Amanda Kronberg, clairvoyant, energy healer, and friend. As it turned out, I only got the session with Amanda and she kicked my ass to the moon and back. This is not to suggest she does this with everyone–I’ve had much gentler readings from her–but yesterday I was willing to hear it, I asked for it, and she delivered. I was a sobbing mess afterward and immediately vacated the venue so I could cry in peace. They were tears of, “F*ck, everything she just said is true. And now what am I going to do about it?”

And that, my friends, is what provided the inspiration for this blog. I’m not the only one hiding. I’m not the only one living up to about .2% of my potential. I’m not the only one cowering behind self-created perceptions of myself that are suffocating and untrue and limiting what could actually be showing up in my life.

I will get super personal in this blog and the reason I can and will is because I know there are people out there who will think, “Wow, so I’m not the only one. If she’s changing her reality, I can change mine too!” And even if people think, “Wow, she’s super f*cked-up! She makes me seem like a rock star!”–it’s all good. We can all only start from where we are right now in this moment. I could judge the hell out of myself or I could ask, “Wow, Erin, how’s all that self-judgment working for you?”

Each morning I’m going to ask such questions as, “What if, just for today, I choose FOR me?” “What energy, space, and consciousness can I be today that would allow me to be more of the me I truly be?” “What if, just for today, I don’t judge myself?” “What would it take to do something caring, nurturing, and amazing for my body today?” “What energy, space, and consciousness can I be today that would create money now and in the future?” “What can I do today that will require me to step up and expand my comfort zone?”

Asking questions creates possibilities. This sounds so simple, and yet we have all been trained by this reality to value conclusion over question. Conclusions have been given the costume and character of intelligence. It’s labeling, categorizing, stereotyping, assuming, and all the other ings that make us feel smart. Pay attention to your thoughts for a day and you’ll be shocked at how many conclusions you come to in only about 5 minutes. Most statements that present as facts are actually conclusions. So what if just for five minutes you asked about every thought, “Is that a question or a conclusion?” You might be shocked to realize how little you question anything–because you completely buy everything you think as true!

Luckily, we’ll have a whole year together to explore some of the trickery of this reality. Thanks for joining me!


One thought on “Ass-Kicking of the Ages

  1. WOW!! I believe I might be speechless(it happens!). Just wow, I think I want to cry now too, Go girl!! and F the 2% BS, no more!!!


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